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WPTV: “State Attorney shares impact of Task Force”

This is the Ambrosia Treatment Center on Singer Island. Jerry Haffey with the treatment center said,  “I hate seeing kids dying in closets because of scum bag providers.”

He’s clearly passionate about helping people beat substance abuse. But Haffey knows treatment centers around here have a bad reputation. That’s why he joined forces with State Attorney Dave Aronberg to lobby for money to fund the Sober Homes Task Force.

“We are ground zero when it comes to instances of fraud and corruption within the drug treatment industry and together with the good players in the industry, we’ve been able to clean up a lot of the bad actors,” Aronberg said.

Aronberg says in the Task Force’s first year they made an impact, 44 arrests, 13 convictions and counting. People who try to broker patients on notice.

Aronberg added, “We still have a lot of work to do but Palm Beach County has become a national leader in this fight.”

For Haffey cleaning up the corruption allows the dedicated treatment centers to accomplish their mission. “They deserve the best treatment that they can possibly get.”

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